Power and Virtual Organizations LO30263

From: Don Dwiggins (d.l.dwiggins@computer.org)
Date: 06/14/03

Replying to LO30071 --

At, in LO30071, replied to Vana:
>> The problem isn't the technology, but the tendency to believe that
>> information technology (without using logic, judgment, or strategic
>> thinking) is the solution.

> Again you have hit the bull's eye. Here in South Africa there is this
> incredible believe that the "computer cannot be wrong". No matter how hard
> one tries to convince an operator of a IT system that it needs an
> adjustment in some of its programs, they stick to the "computer cannot be
> wrong".

Actually, the statement is true, but it has to be understood in
conjunction with another true statement: "the computer cannot be right"!
(Is this a PO? ;^)

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[Host's Note: Remember that we used to say in the 60's, "To err is human,
but to really screw things up requires a computer!" ..Rick]


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