Flow Charts LO30268

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@safe-t.net)
Date: 06/16/03

Replying to LO30264 --

Replying to Don Dwiggins and to Alan Cotterell:

>Alan Cotterell writes in LO30064:
> > I suggest 'if you can't flow chart it', it's impossible to do.

Can you develop a flow chart of riding a bicycle or catching a fly ball?

Don Dwiggins, responding to Alan, writes in LO30264 --

>I suggest an exercise: watch a dance troupe working out a new dance.
>Flow charts are the oldest of the myriad of graphic notations invented and
>evolved by software folks to try to visualize programs and processes.
>They can be valuable, but remember the adage of the bloke with only a
>hammer. As a practicing organizational learner, you should have a good
>complement of tools in your kit, and know the strengths and limitations of

What is the basis for saying that software folks invented flowcharts? It
seems to me they were used by industrial engineers long before there were
any software folks.


Fred Nickols
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Fred Nickols <nickols@safe-t.net>

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