Measuring Dialogue and Sense-Making LO30286

Date: 06/20/03

Replying to LO30086 --

At de Lange <>
made the following point in a longer dialogue:

>...A dialogue has to move towards a certain goal, but to prescribe the
>path which it has to follow will impede its spontaneous development. As
>such it cannot then sustain the creativity and thus the learning of each
>participant. ...

This is the essence of the power that is unleashed by the Leadership and
Empowerment Model for creating change. By prescribing the goals in
sufficient detail but empowering the members of the dialogue to come up
with the specific methods, often very creative solutions are implemented.

>The following document (the long URL wraps into two lines!!!!)
>has something to say on this spontaneity.

I was able to reach the document only by going to the home page
then selecting Public Documents, then Journal 4-2 then the Word version.

I hate to admit the number of behaviours described in the document that I
have seen in the corporate world. Interesting that I have even seen some
of these in the Leadership and Empowerment world when that has been a new
introduction to a hierarchy or when the person has been new to it.

Very good reference, At. Thank you. Regards... Keith

(PS I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that The Wellness
Institute is nearby.)


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