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Date: 06/22/03

Dear LO,

This is to act as a 'nest' for the attachment.

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(((''How can one draw a line...between the constructive processes of the
bird's embryonic development and the constructive process by which it
builds its nest?'' Henri Bergson

And the poor, and the poorest of the living?

It ( economic-industrial- technological work) is almost exclusively
concerned with immediate political and economic benefits and its promoters
(in the main) show no inter-est ;-) in the consequences of such behaviour
for future generations, for the latter are not players in today's
political and economic games. They neither vote, nor save, nor invest, nor
produce, nor consume. Why then should they be consulted?

At the intersection of the cross (section) I have discerned a space and
time. It is full of dead children.

What I did do, am doing and will do is for them .

As I have said before, I have no children.

Descending order

Burning Village. (Bosch)
The Owl in the Hollow Tree, The Listening Wood and the Seeing Field. (Bosch)
Death of the Miser (detail - Demon Figure)

Overlaying all

How We Become Angels (Three vertical panels)


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