Power & Leadership Conference Update LO30325

From: Karen Oshry (info@powerandsystems.com)
Date: 07/01/03

[Host's Note: I'm forwarding this message with Karen Oshry's permission.
This is an excellent, long-running program that I can highly recommend. A
related book is _Seeing Systems_ by Barry Oshry. ..Rick]

Dear Rich,

As you know, The Power & Leadership Conference (Power Lab) is designed to
provide people with an intense, enlivening experience about power
dynamics, system change, and how to use themselves more effectively in the
many systems of their lives.

One component of this is working with a coach to help them stretch,
reflect, and think more strategically. Coaches for the next program are
Mary Lou Michael, Phil Novick, Jane Critchlow and Julie Beedon.

Another component is the presentation by the anthropologists who follow
the life of the societal system you'll be in as either an Elite, a Middle,
or an Immigrant. What a rare luxury to learn about the birth, life and
ending of a system -- and their place in it. The anthropologists are
Marsha Clark, John Rae-Grant, Dave Green, Joan Wofford, and Amber Mayes.

And needless to say, there are the important relationships they'll form
during the week with people all on journeys of discovery.

The Power Lab is a lasting, significant learning experience for all who've
participated. I hope you'll let people know about the next session --
October 26-31 on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Information and an application
form can be found at
http://www.powerandsystems.com/power_and_leadership.htm. Contact me
directly if you or they would like to talk about the program. A limited
number of fee reductions are available.

Thank you for bringing this program to the attention of people you think
would benefit from participating in it.

Karen Oshry


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