LO and its environmental conditions LO30327

From: keith.cowan@ytasp.net
Date: 07/07/03

Replying to LO30294 --

Leo Minnigh wrote:
>...single cell could live on its own, it seems more complex than
>the cells in e.g. our bodies. Our cells are not able to survive without a
>whole bunch of other cells.

The analogy to living organisms stimulates some interesting thoughts, Leo.
I see the parallel between the individual entrepreneur who must handle
everything being like the single cell that can mutate to survive, and the
cells of our bodies being more like the functions in a large organization.
The rate of mutation in the larger body is generally slower and according
to Darwin, this causes some to die off that cannot mutate quickly enough.

Would this lead you to the conclusion that LO behaviours are essential to
long-term survival of an organization?
Regards... Keith



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