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From: A Gunasekaran (agunasekaran@UMassD.Edu)
Date: 07/07/03


                                CALL FOR PAPERS

Benchmarking: An International Journal (BIJ) regularly reviews different
approaches to benchmarking to help develop and refine best practice in
organizations. Benchmarking involves using the performance of successful
companies as the basis for setting demanding but achievable performance
improvement targets for firms striving to become world class. BIJ attempts
to present many perspectives on benchmarking and total quality management
in organizations. From strategic advisory articles aimed at senior
decision makers to practical guidance for managers directing benchmarking
projects, articles featured in BIJ illustrate how benchmarking initiatives
can be made efficient and effective. Any organization, public or private,
can use benchmarking successfully, and this journal covers benchmarking in
every organizational setting. The BIJ Editorial Staff recognizes that
there is growing interest in areas such as benchmarking supply chain
management, human resource and social dimensions of knowledge and
information technology (IT) management, Green manufacturing management,
E-Commerce practices, and Web-based Enterprise integration and management.
Interest in these areas warrants additional effort to identify new
financial and non-financial performance metrics applicable to performance
therein. Increased attention must be given to measuring performance
pertaining to intangibles, such as knowledge acquisition and use. Added
emphasis must be placed on IT-enabled tools and methods for benchmarking.
Interested authors are invited to contribute to BIJ in the following areas
(but not limited to):

The theory of benchmarking
. Measurement methodologies for manufacturing and services
The role of benchmarking in total quality management
International benchmarking
. Benchmarking organizational change
Benchmarking accounting practices
Benchmarking human resource management practices
Benchmarking world-class manufacturing
Benchmarking competitive intelligence
Benchmarking in the public sector
Maintenance benchmarking
Supply chain benchmarking
Benchmarking E-Commerce practices
Benchmarking R&D management and activities
Benchmarking knowledge acquisition and use
Benchmarking and the internal audit
. Logistics benchmarking
Virtual enterprise benchmarking
Benchmarking the learning practices of organizations
. Benchmarking IT management and activities

Contributions from academics and practitioners are welcome. The focus of
the journal is on topics that have substantial management content, rather
than being primarily technical in nature. Each paper is screened by the
editor and, if the topic is judged suitable for BIJ, the paper is
subjected to a double blind peer review process. After carefully
considering referee recommendations, the editor decides whether the paper
should be accepted as is, revised or rejected. Three copies of the
manuscript should be submitted in double line spacing with wide margins.
Submissions should be sent to:

Dr. A. Gunasekaran
Editor, BIJ (
Department of Management
University of Massachusetts
285 Old Westport Road
North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

Tel: (508) 999-9187
Fax: (508) 999-8776
A. Gunasekaran, PhD
Co-Chair, Responsive Supply Chain 2004 (
Editor, Benchmarking: An International Journal
Associate Editor, Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Department of Management
University of Massachusetts
North Dartmouth, MA 02747-2300

Tel: (508) 999-9187
Fax: (508) 999-8776


A Gunasekaran <agunasekaran@UMassD.Edu>

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