Outcome Based Education and Knowledge LO30333

From: keith.cowan@ytasp.net
Date: 07/08/03

Replying to LO30324 --

At de Lange <amdelange@postino.up.ac.za> asks:

>What about Learning Organisations (LOs)? I am not aware of anyone in which
>it is persistently sought to advance Personal Mastery (PM) and Team
>Learning (TL) with learning objectives. But this does not exclude the
>possibility that it will happen frequently in future. When it does, make
>sure that you fellow learners know the difference between information (the
>pile of bricks) and knowledge (the functional house). The ruggedness of
>your entropy (fitness) landscape is at stake!

Well thank you once again At. You have this ability to make us think. The
notion of imparting mastery and categorizing that as knowledge is
fascinating. I know that I chose Engineering as a field of study because
it forced a demonstration of knowledge acquisition rather than the
regurgitating of information. I did not appreciate the differences at the

But then I reflect on my classmates who went on to become teachers and
they tended to be the ones that preferred the mastery of information
rather than knowledge. They were comfortable with telling their students
rather than "selling them".

During my early years in business, I was drafted to teach a course on how
to program the computer I was using to automate a refinery. Faced with
strict deadlines in the refinery project, I could not afford to lose two
weeks of production. So I turned the course into directed lectures with
the lab work being the production of some components that I needed in the
refinery job.

The results of the course were incredible high ratings for the hands-on
practical nature of the material. I saw some implementations that were
truly ingenious. I learned from the students in ways I never imagined.
They worked in teams and learned from each other. And I ended up finishing
my portion of the project two months ahead of schedule. A big part of that
was the result of doing that course in the middle.

I suppose, At, now that you have caused me to reflect on this experience,
that it incorporated some key aspects of OBE and LO. What do you think? Am
I on the right track with this line of thinking?

Thanks... Keith



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