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From: mcfarlane.lawrence@marshfieldclinic.org
Date: 07/09/03

Replying to LO30330 --

Thanks At for your thoughts comparing the creativity of most kids and the
lack of creativity in most adults. It appears that the destroyers of
creativity digest down to FEAR and CERTAINTY, although I fear ; ) that
most who suffer from lack of creativity are not able to recognize the true

Adults do not set out to become fearful, but most are encouraged at some
time in their life to be certain. The sense of security that comes from
certainty is more addicting than opium. We all want to be right. However,
unless adults finally realize and admit that they cannot be and are not
certain of anything and that they have been fearful of many things
(including living and and loving and learning), that childlike sense of
hope and awe and passion for life cannot return. Conversely, when that
realization and admission do take place the paralysis of fear and
certainty abates and the power to act returns.

Maybe fear and certainty use up all the free energy necessary for action,
and it seems to me that creativity can only become manifest through
action. A humble openness to and acceptance of uncertainty drives out
fear. All of the creative role models I have ever known or admired were
humble men and women of faith and action.

Larry McFarlane MD
Chief Medical Officer
Security Health Plan
Marshfield, WI



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