Outcome Based Education and Knowledge LO30336

From: Terje A. Tonsberg (tatonsberg@hotmail.com)
Date: 07/09/03

Replying to LO30324 --

Greetings At and group,

At said:
> My work on the CPS helped me to understand better what immense task it is
> to integrate the learning objectives such that one body of knowledge will
> result.

My comment:
Law of entropy production, 7E based feedback, wholeness of knowledge,
considering all possible solutions to problems for each student and its
feedback.... etc.

Immense indeed. Can regular human beings do it? ;-) How would you teach
teachers and curriculum designers to do this for their subjects? Is there a
procedure for determining the LObs, their sequencing and associated
activities (i.e. thought-exchanging, problem-solving, game-playing,
exemplar-exploring and art-expressing)? What is the role of correspondent
logic in this?

Terje :-)


"Terje A. Tonsberg" <tatonsberg@hotmail.com>

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