I will give... LO30362

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/13/03

Hello Dear Learners,

Game playing is a fundamental ;-) sustainer of human creativity. I will
give a prize, maybe of an original work of art...maybe a Picasso, maybe
not ;-) to the first person who on the public LO can tell me who wrote
this passage quoted below. The 'game' emerges from recent discussions
about current issues surrounding, roughly, LO, New KM and complexity (aka
New) sciences. Mmmmmm ;-)

"...the problems which lead to original discoveries are precisely those
which cannot be resolved by any familiar rule of the game, because the
matrices applied in the past to problems of a similar nature have been
rendered inadequate by new features and complexities in the situation, by
new observational data, or a new type of question. The search for a clue,
for Poincare's ' good combination' which will unlock the blocked problem,
proceeds on several planes, involving unconscious processes at various
levels of depth."

Dear At,

Your learning is great, your mind a veritable cavern of such wisdom as
spouted above...I think you might know the answer ;-) so, dear friend,
please desist from public discourse on this (send me private answer if you
wish;-) and...and...please...do have a go LO...



[Host's Note: I've checked... A simple Google search doesn't find Andrew's
quoted text. ..Rick]



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