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From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 07/14/03

Replying to LO30362 --

Dear Rick, dear LO'ers,

I had a big smile when I saw at the end of Andrew's message the following:

> [Host's Note: I've checked... A simple Google search doesn't find Andrew's
> quoted text. ..Rick]
> --

It reminded me of a story a good friend told me a couple of years ago. He
was a master in inventing jokes for fools day ((1st of April). He was a
hunter and submitted an advertisement to the hunter journal. The
advertisement was an announcement for a job position and the conditions,
payment, everything was more or less the ideal paid job for a hunter. The
advertisement didn't appear in the journal, it never passed the editor! He
kept it for himself and sent his CV to the fake adress.

So I wonder what happened if Rick had found the origin of the citation.
Did you go for the Picasso, Rick?? :-))

Leo Minnigh


"leo minnigh" <minnigh@dds.nl>

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