Understanding 'The New Knowledge Management' LO30364

From: chris macrae (wcbn007@easynet.co.uk)
Date: 07/13/03

Replying to LO30353 --

I extracted this sentence of Jan's:
"Managers try to hide behind a position within the management, a
management that - and here i agree with Mark - has the monopoly on

For me this points to the disastrous con-trick of organization today. The
organization (and if you like its management or mismanagement) is only one
of 5 multipliers of knowledge and productivity

There are 2 below the organisation level and 2 above

Below comes from Drucker's knowledge worker- as far as I know
decision-making still goes through individuals as does much invention
breakthroughs as well as the energy needed to deliver any service or
knowledge product

Then interactions of individuals (their networks, teams, practice
communities etc0 is also a multiplier

Above the organisation, we have networks of organisations (systems of

And we also have the democratic level of all the learning and other
infrastructures that any country or city or place invests in

What's criminal in assessing how to make the most of people's knowledge to
make progress for themselves and the world is to be in the state we're in

 - only the organisation is formally viewed as a productive source (of
 - where its measures are anti-human (eg people are costs; extract their
knowledge and cut them down)

This insanely immature way of valuing living systems compounds in such a
way that we zeroise the 5 knowledge productivities instead of systemizing
them to grow each other.(read Berenson's The Number and its clear if
society could have managed it should have wiped out all Big 5 measurers
not just one as having taken accounting far away from what society
licensed its purpose to be)

So much for management's justification that it alone knows how to value
knowledge. Any company ruled that way only survives by trying to
monopolise and destroy learnings instead of multiplying them. Unless we
get through this immaturity of system approach, all the possibility of
network connectivity will be used to value destruct instead of progressing
humanity as well as economically.

Chris Macrae wcbn007@easynet.co.uk www.valuetrue.com

>Dear Mark, hello-list-eners,

>My first idea about "the NKM" was: "these are the new clothes of the
>emperor". Here in The Netherlands there was recently published a thesis
>- that is being translated into English, i've heard - " On the
>dekunstruction of KM". Were "kunst" in Dutch can be used as "const" or
>"art". The de-artification of KM. As the article by Mark, his book
>discusses knowledge in dept. It also gives insight on what can be known
>and - what seems to be missing in the article - what the social
>qualities of knowledge may be. Knowledge - in my view - is largely an
>artefact of social interactions, knowledge is - or rather, are "enacted
>truths". Knowledge consist of writing stories.


"chris macrae" <wcbn007@easynet.co.uk>

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