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From: chris macrae (
Date: 07/13/03

Replying to LO30356 --

I would like to second Craig's plea.

There are several dimensions to this:
1) It was sad to me that we held a conference in Salem but didn't
especially benefit from interacting with the many great systems' schools
in the area

2) having said that if you look at page 8 of Craig's bookmark reference
you will see one of the greatest practical cases of changing system of
systems in my observational experience (and as a Brit I can tell you
changing our National Health Service is not something many have taken on)

I feel changing systems, and especially systems of systems where people's
networking relationships are as vital as any single organisation's one is
an area where LO hasn't yet opened my eyes to any practical methods that
work beyond one person's extraordinary ability to facilitate (which eg I
imagine Argyris has). OK that was a challenge, where I would love you to
prove me wrong with bookmarks to visible practice cases; there's so much
theory lurking in Systems stuff which the world desperately needs to make
simply practical and open for all human disciplines to join up to...

Chris Macrae,

>In April, 2003, the Organization Design Forum sponsored its annual
>conference, a hugely successful event.  The theme of the conference was
>"Beyond Structure:  Strategic Organization Alignment".  We would like to
>take this opportunity to provide a summary of the sessions. The summary
>of all of the conference sessions is available at the Organization Design
>Forum's website at


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