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From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 07/19/03

I imagine dear At, that what is said below would apply not just to an
<individual> but to a family, a group, a tribe, a clan, a community, an
organization, a state, a country...

"People (as natural systems) can only behave healthily to mental,
emotional and physical pressures or disturbances when he or she has and
recognises he or she has the capacity to ''self regulate''. Many managers
don't appreciate that under any amount of stress at a certain threshold,
working at limits of wellbeing this capacity becomes destabilised, and it
may jump unexpectedly to a new, more stable state. In severe cases the
person may break down entirely."
James Lovelock

Events, upon the global stage, are entering a new ''state'' of ''play'' in
my humble estimation. Oh! Were that it were a play! And how very much of
what you have put forward here from the backgrounds of science and art is
containing of that drama? How elegant, beautiful and now symmetric the
patterning events unfolding presence to us.

Events, upon a much smaller stage, not more than a few miles from my
cottage were played out, at Harrow Hill.

In memory of Dr. Kelly

"By their openness, people dedicated to the truth live in the open, and
though the exercise of their courage to live in the open, they become free
from fear."

" I accept this process." Dr.Kelly, House of Commons. July 2003.

This morning, at dawn, while walking in the fields with Bucket i heard a
gentle voice, used to working with children speak of his artistry...i have
put it with four images in a PPt I created when I got home...one is a seed
pod that had just fallen, the other is an image i created in response to
Otto Scharmer's personal vision of how we humans proceed through the ''eye
of the needle'' which was the result of re-enfolding three dimensional
triangles seven times, and then applying a gentle breeze ;-), another is a
picture of enfoldedunfolded 'heart motifs' from a 'splash painting' by a
young mother on a course some years ago, and last, the golden leaf, that i
sent to May in the Gambia, an image i have asked into shape for the
Bortoft interview at the dialogonleadership site and which it seems was
picked up the day May landed in Africa. Each image has it's

[Host's Note: Andrew's "four images in a PPt" are at:



It is ''strange'' dear At, because Rick and I were, only a few days ago,
entering into a ''private dialogue'', about the preparedness to die for
that and those things we truly believe in.

Mmmmmm. I hope the images make more sense than the words this morning.

At, a last thought, How many children would have died last night of
hunger, disease and want in the whole world, through no choice, but
through the hammering of our lofty misconceptions?




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