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Date: 07/24/03

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Dear LO, and At,

You wrote...

> Goethe used the word "metamorphosis" to indicate how a complex system
> takes its shape level for level. His book on the metamorphosis of plants is
> one of the best examples how art and science join into a magnificent work.
> Perhaps we should also try for more metamorphosis in our thinking and
> hence in our writing. The dialogue is very useful in accomplishing this.

Henri Bortoft notes how Goethe noted ;-) that, and only for example, the new
stems, leading to branches of a rose bush like small flowering tree, issue
from the unwinding of spiralling leaf buds. You don't see it until you notice it,
when you notice it you see it and then -- when you have noticed it and seen
it enough times you begin to see it happen elsewise ;-)
I wish you could come to England and paint on my ''ricketypaintingtable'' ;-)
I have been listening in to dialogues between the Dalai Lama and Daniel
Goleman, the man who write and studies aspects of emotional intelligence. Do you
know of his work? In an exchange between his-self ;-) the Dalai Lama and Owen
Flanagan the term ''eudaimonia'' emerges, it was perhaps used by Aristotle, i
will quote them, " for years it was translated as 'happiness' and is now
generally translated as 'flourishing'. It's a plant metaphor, the idea that the plant
doesn't have to feel happy to be flourishing. 'Courage', 'friendship' and
'compassion' rank as nourishments to this state of affairs.
So, for me, yes, ''to LIVE for what one believes in''...and that perhaps is
easier for the artist, because he/she does what he/she believes in to the point
of believing, - that what ''it'' ''truly'' ''is'' - believes in and through
That, my dearest At is a ''sensation'' you'll have had many experiences of in
the courses of nature's embraces and your reachings out?
I was speaking only personally, about the DYING for what one truly believes
in. It is a coming and going ''sensation''...perhaps a feeling that what is a
barrier is knot ;-)....
Perhaps some finite number of human 'creative collapses' leads one to believe
in a further collapse..a collapse beyond all prior 'creative collapses' to
another 'order of orders' where all 'beings and becomings' more need
for human emergences. A more final union, al(l)together.
Believing in Angels helps.
I asked Will'm Blake : "Will'm, Does a firm persuasion that a thing is so
make it so?"
" All poets believe that it does, and in ages of imagination this firm
persuasion removed mountains. But many are not capable of a firm persuasion of
So, how to teach the unfurling of a metamorphosis...;-)
An "Age of Imagination"...does that ring a bell for anyone else?


North Moreton


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