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Date: 07/29/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Andrew Campbell < > wrote
the following about metamorphosis:

>You don't see it until you notice it, when you notice it you
>see it and then -- when you have noticed it and seen it
>enough times you begin to see it happen elsewise ;-)

Greetings dear Andrew,

Now i know that you know what metamorphosis is about -- a slipping
glimpser because every new form emerging upon the old forms require a new
way of thinking -- metamorphosis of the mind.

>I wish you could come to England and
>paint on my ''ricketypaintingtable'' ;-)

I would do that to earn my stay. For the rest of the time i will drench
myself in the great libraries of Oxford university ;-)

>I have been listening in to dialogues between the Dalai Lama
>and Daniel Goleman, the man who write and studies aspects
>of emotional intelligence. Do you know of his work?

Yes, much of it is another "painting" of the "entropy production"=emotion
of the spirit.

>In an exchange between his-self ;-) the Dalai Lama and
>Owen Flanagan the term ''eudaimonia'' emerges, it was
>perhaps used by Aristotle, i will quote them,
>" for years it was translated as 'happiness' and is now
>generally translated as 'flourishing'. It's a plant metaphor,
>the idea that the plant doesn't have to feel happy to be

Yes, this "plant feels happy" is anthropocentric thinking, one of the
worst Mental Models. It means the "plant mirrors humans".

>So, for me, yes, ''to LIVE for what one believes in''
>...and that perhaps is easier for the artist, because
>he/she does what he/she believes in to the point of
>of believing, - that what ''it'' ''truly'' ''is'' - believes in
>and through him/her.
>That, my dearest At is a ''sensation'' you'll have had many
>experiences of in the courses of nature's embraces and
>your reachings out?

Perhaps there was an incident which had a great bearing on this. My wife
was expecting our second child. I wanted to visit a mental institution for
the worst cases of mentally retarded. She wanted to go with and as usual
she got the uperhand.

We often cried during that visit for a greater part of the day. How
blessed we are and how blessed we will be with a normal baby.

Well, that child is today a grown up. She is a fine blend between
scientist and artist. She becomes a terror when someone tries to undo any
one of the two.

>So, how to teach the unfurling of a metamorphosis...;-)
>An "Age of Imagination"...does that ring a bell for anyone else?

For Goethe metamorphosis was nature's art -- an endless picture or drama.
He was one of the few capable of escaping anthropocentric thinking by his
own holistic thinking, looking directly at all life's Faust, not merely
the Faust of humankind. Breaking wholeness is to go into a pact with

Thank you Andrew for sharing your thoughts.

With care and best wishes


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