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Date: 07/29/03

>Andrew, I still don't know how to paint yet I continue to paint 'my'

Dear Dennis, you are an artist of life itself then. It would be, i
imagine, a powerful thing for kinsman to nourish his/her kinfolk.

All paintings need a 'ground', if the 'ground' is not correct the image
placed upon it crumbles, through time.

I read into your whole picture a single word, one common enough in
contemporary cultures to have currency with us here today, 'authenticity'.
Authenticity evokes creativity, naturally. I have for a number of years
now practiced a minor metaphysical art form that, so far as I know has
never been exhibited in any gallery, yet...the Franciscan capacity to
reach out blindly -) and find, by the simple act of cleaving the body of
a text to arrive at a meaning or sentiment that might take one to the next
step. In his outright and authentic ignorance St Francis did this with his
companions. And on it he founded his little church.

We need our ''marae'' ( traditional Maori meeting compound) for a host of

That we may rise tall in oratory
That we may weep for our dead
That we may pray to God
That we may have our feasts
That we may house our guests
That we may have our meetings
That we may have our weddings
That we may have our reunions
That we may sing
That we may dance
And there know the richness of life
And the proud heritage that is truly ours


Those are just some of the beautiful colours that i thought i glimpsed in
your well grounded 'picture' today, Dennis.

I have set mine into an electrical field,

-- ''groundless''?

Perhaps ;-)




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