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Date: 07/29/03

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It seems to me that you confuse the process of management with the role of

Do you not think any sentient being manages their environment in some way
- even if it is their supply of food, availability of a mate, or even the
education of their children. You have obviously managed to get a computer
that is capable of sending emails, you engage in a discussion list, and
particpate in a collective process of sharing ideas and managing

As life gets complicated, as only human social life does, people
specialise, rightly or wrongly, and adopt roles according to particular
functions, and so we get managers. This results in many dilemmas, often
handled badly with many unfortunate consequences.

Perhaps the question needs to be how management is best achieved and to
what extent the process needs to be specialised, than to demonise the
concept of management because some specialist screw it up.

Gray Southon

At 12:32 PM 25/07/03 +0200, you wrote:
>Greetings dear Jan,
>I found the above most interesting and therefor have changed the subject.
>I have explored pristine nature extensively, especially its arid parts. I
>was always amased how plants and animals can live as individuals and
>groups without any sign of a manager among them needed to do so. Even in
>the case of animals always grouping themselves into flocks, herds or
>families with a definite leader (male or female), the leader set the
>example rather than coercing others to do what the leader wants.
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