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Date: 08/13/03

Dear Rick and LO,

Although i can ill afford it - AND i would far rather have sent the 'x'
dollars toward May's fledgling 'world' i have invested in some pdf
software, and this will at once reduce by 80% the time spent downloading
my rubbish to you any and all. And Rick more time to do more important
things.(one to many mapping).

You know ;-), i have spent some ten thousand hours studying the many Ph.D.
scribblings, of those earning, hoping to earn their 'pretty dollars' out
of the ongoing confusionings of this, our post -;) industrial turmoil. I
might come upon something 'pretending' to be original, a new
original Aha smuggled in as a Mmmmmm....and what is it in wider
truth but in the main, a disastrous short termist, ineffectual, hotchpotch
of something that, when once more originally expressed as Ficino ;-)
Plato, Heraclitus, Pliny, Confucius ;-), ----> on and on and on and on
down in time.... the list is truly l----o........n---------g was at least,
at the core, at the centre, beautiful.

How many of us are, at heart, really fragmenters?

Way back in 1995 this community hit, for me, a momentary high point...but
as ever it is a quote, of a quote of a misquote...but still, even so here
it is..." she seemed to use the term to point in the direction of play at
the edge of human knowledge and awareness. As I understand it, it is a
spiritual level of play, an enlightening experience of the cosmic dance.
Complexity, chaos, paradox, wisdom, and foolishness abide there and
occasionally a few souls experience that realm and return to tell of it."

I had a dream of touching, at some edge, that which ''abides''. I asked
Saddam Hussein here before his demise in the open "What do you really
want?" He never answered;-) I ask any terrorist leader, "What do you
really want?"

I had another dream last night in which a man was hitting me, and then i
hit him the same, then he took a stone and smashed my skull, and as in
dreams i took my stone and smashed his skull...and as in dreams ...this
went on for a while...i am asking you ...are all these images i send out
an utter waste of whatever it is they may re-present? Or are they to you
just more stones to you, smashing in on your skulls.

I am starting to see this whole quasi industrialisation of this openly
sharing of ideas 'capitalism', as something very different ...very
different from the ''nice'' adjectival angles it clings to...could it even
be a sub set of terrorism? What are we contributing to the growing
shadowlands of terrorism?

A well, there there...

Here in my pdf is a dream image, taken literally from the shadow side of
my ''mixing bowl''. This morning i feel an energy inside me that urges me
to place this as e-mail text...''in your face'' the ''hard men''
(sic) of this corporate gymnasia say it. To whom did Jesus appear as a

[Host's Note: Andrew's .pdf is at

   -- Rick]

You may have followed the link to May's BBC interview and listened to her
voice? Their unborn child is affectionately expected as, 'Junior

For Junior Papermaker,

On her unborn in the vast circle
Concentric with our finite lives;
On her unborn, her name uncurling
Like a young fern within the mind;
On her unclothed with flesh or beauty
In the womb's darkness, I bestow
The formal influence of the will,
The wayward influence of the heart,
Weaving upon her fluid bones
The subtle fabric of her being.
Hair, hands and eyes, the body's texture,
Shot with the glory of the soul.



Andrew Campbell


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