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Date: 08/21/03

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Dear firends,

At, I think that conflicts are somehow essential, at least they were in
the past. They were/are a necessity for entropy production, or they are a
result of it. One needs a plus and a minus pole for a current. The issue
is how to harmonise these two poles? Please, understand me well. This is
not an invitation to create conflicts.

How much friendships have been born, due to a war, strike, or conflict?
The strength of the ANC in the Apartheid-years was a result of the
conflictious pressure of the outside world on that organisation. Much is
said on the fall of the wall in Berlin and the fall of the communist
counterfource in Europe. Much words will still be said on this issue,
because a harmonising counterforce is missing in the international
political world now.

But perhaps my words are too provocative and I should stress that a
conflict is only a very simple way of creating a counter force. I think
nature is our best school to learn what other counter forces could be to
avoid the unlimited growth of one party.

> To my surprise i could attribute each conflict to the abscence of one of
> the five disciplines of a LO. (Obviously, the organisations were not LOs.)
> The lack of Personal Mastery seems to take the heaviest toll. It seems
> that next comes Mental Models. I wish some fellow learner will make a more
> formal study.

That might be a very intriguing study. But I doubt if one is able to
distinguish and categorise conflicts in this manner. Personal Mastery is
so much related to Mental Models, that I am not sure if the value of a
distinction. But anyway, it is very important to study the nature of

I have written:
> >A healthy organisation, which a LO is, is able to deal with
> >most of the external conflicts.

And At replied:
> I wonder about this one. What do fellow learners say? People from the LO
> will know what caused the conflict, but will people from the outside party
> also know it? I do not think so. Therfore i suspect that they will keep on
> adding wood on the fire. The LO people will thus have to prevent them
> doing it. How?

When I wrote that sentence, I had in mind the internal strength of a LO.
Due to the well strructured internal organisation, it will be strong to
outside attacks fro outside. Or at least it will be able to deal with
them. An organisation which has already a lot of internal troubles has not
the free energy to keep alive after an attack.

At, although this dialogue is important, could you realise that I do not
like the subject? I like more a dialogue on love and care. How many angels
do we still need before we know the alternatives of conflicts??

Leo Minnigh


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