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Date: 08/20/03

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Dear At,

[[Yes, oh yes!]] - And i am pressed into attaching this...recalling your
essays on etymology of the term 'dear'.

For Beamish's CETA team ''words'' are 'bullets'...politicians like terrorists
love manipulating both words and bullets, but the silence of the knife and
apparent self infliction will suffice ;-( when all else fails).

The image was made by two people working on one has many layers,
...the image was given to the people who created it to make new meaning for

[Host's Note: Andrew's image is at

   -=- Rick]


At de lange ex-pressed...

"But what do we use to seek signals/data and the relationships between
them? For myself it is my tacit knowledge which has emerged from my
experiences. These experiences emerged as a result of interactions between
me and the world around me. This tacit knowledge is free from the language
used in discourse, but not free from art. Its art is like poems, music,
painting and sculpturing waiting to emerge. Only when in a desert, free
from other humans and after a few days to get rid of my human baggage, i
become aware of this art in my tacit knoweldge. What i am trying to say is
that there is form in my tacit knowledge and that this form is intuitive
and thus not yet formalised. Does it make sense to you?
With care and best wishes "


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