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Date: 08/21/03

Dear LO List,

I am excited to share with you our venture into the world of publishing
and our opportunity to be involved with the writing of Ollie Napesni's
autobiography. As we discuss many topics on this list related to Learning
Organizations, it came to me that the 7 essentialities of liveness,
sureness, wholeness, fruitfulness, spareness, otherness and openness are
all one in Ms. Napesni's life. After corresponding with Rick to be sure
that we were in tune with the LO theme, we are pleased to communicate the
following with all of you.

Best wishes to you all.


RECIPIENT OF THE 2002 SOUTH DAKOTA INDIAN LIVING TREASURE AWARD, Inc. announces the publication of Salt Camp:HerStory
by Lakota Living Treasure Ollie Napesni. SaltCamp:HerStory is an
engaging, lively and personal narrative exemplifying the Lakota Sioux
Virtues of Fortitude, surviving hard times; Bravery, demonstrating a
woman's courage; Generosity, the mentoring of youth; and Wisdom, valuing
culture. The book includes photos, tribal history and stories. Ms.
Napesni weaves present to past, creating a model for cultural resiliency.
The book was designed for readers of all ages and backgrounds and as an
educational, inspirational and valued asset in classrooms at all levels.
Salt Camp:HerStory was recorded, transcribed and edited by Dianna Torson
of Brookings, South Dakota who retained Ms. Napesni's Lakota storytelling
tradition and humble spirit. The book is full of information about the
people of the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota during the early
reservation days, the Depression, Dust Bowl, Allotment, Assimilation, IRA,
Termination, Relocation and Indian Self-Determination through contemporary
SaltCamp: HerStory provides a window into understanding Lakota Sioux
cultural life through the eyes of an Elder and how culture directs the
value and meaning of life. It is a model for organizational behavior and
presents a paradigm for living of value to any culture. More information
can be obtained at <A HREF="">> The book is available through
bookstores or online at

or by phoning Trafford toll free at 1-866-752-6820.

Linda Ortberg
Dianna Torson
262 CR 4655
Rhome, TX. 76078


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