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Date: 08/21/03

Dear At,

..wonderful, an authentic jounney undertaken for no other reason than to
know...and it was in Dante's epic poem that the last lines of the quote derive.
For it was Dante who gave utterance to the pyschological drama ...and the
journey is both an 'outscape' and in 'inscape'...but please open the file now,
and see my treadings ;-)

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   -=- Rick]


>Dear Organlearners,

>Andrew Campbell < > wrote

>>Way back in 1995 this community hit, for me, a momentary
>>high point...but as ever it is a quote, of a quote of a misquote
>>...but still, even so here it is..." she seemed to use the term to
>>point in the direction of play at the edge of human knowledge
>>and awareness. As I understand it, it is a spiritual level of play,
>>an enlightening experience of the cosmic dance. Complexity,
>>chaos, paradox, wisdom, and foolishness abide there and
>>occasionally a few souls experience that realm and return to
>>tell of it."

>Greetings dear Andrew,

>That which you have quoted is the outcome of authentic learning. It is
>to explore the unknown for not other reason than to know it.


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