Facilitator Workshop LO30496

From: John Dicus (jdicus@ourfuture.com)
Date: 08/22/03

You're invited to attend our Electric Maze Facilitator Workshop on October
26-29, 2003 at Jiminy Peak in Hancock MA.

At http://www.ourfuture.com/emfw.htm you can read about:
- From Concept to Application
- The Power To transform
- Workshop Format
- Workshop Content
- The Challenges We Face
- Customizing Your Designs
- Beyond Paradox

Perhaps some of you have experienced the Electric Maze. It is a unique
device that has application to most all aspects of organizational learning
and personal development. It is a powerful platform for whole-being
learning, and for surfacing conversations that might not otherwise take

The workshop theme is "Invest in your investment -- invest in yourself."
The workshop is focussed on facilitation skills, leadership development,
and team building. We'll learn to identify fundamental organizational
issues, design scenarios to address them, and practice debriefing
techniques that can bring about a shift in consciousness. Participants
will design and facilitate their own scenarios. The workshop is an
experiential workshop about experiential learning. Systems thinking,
dialogue, mental models, appreciative inquiry and OS are among the
elements woven into the design. We'll also take a look at the Sentinel, a
new platform that closely mimics the feel of a real organization. This is
a good opportunity to learn with and from peers -- whether you own a Maze,
are thinking about buying one, wish to rent one from time to time, or just
simply want to invest in developing yourself.

Please refer to http://www.ourfuture.com/public.htm for a downloadable pdf
version of the workshop invitation/brochure. Or read about it online.
Please let me know if you wish a paper copy mailed or an email version

Warm regards,

John Dicus

[Host's Note: I think the electronic maze can be a very good teaching
tool. I used it while I was with Innovation Associates with good results.


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