''We poor bastards...'' LO30498

From: ACampnona@aol.com
Date: 08/25/03

Dear LO,

At the still point of the turning world...

In ''How Many Angels LO30434'' i wrote,

>Culture is a medium as well as a message and we are all messangers.

Those of you with ''eyes to see'' will have noticed my typographical error. I
should, of course ;-) have typed ;-)...

"Culture is a medium as well as a mess-sage and we are all mess-ang(l)er's."

What does such a double b(l)inding mean?

"The art of today embodies the spiritual, matured to the point of a
revelation." Kandinsky

" ...my hand is entirely the instrument of a more distant sphere; nor is it
my head that functions in my work; it is something else." Paul Klee

...Neither flesh nor fleshless
Neither from nor towards;
at the still point, there the dance is...

TS Eliot

Dear LO and At,

I am going to design a web presence, no, two - one a ''foundation'' and
another a ''studio''.

The ____May_____ Foundation ....(if she graces with permission) ..."
Generally the germ of a composition comes suddenly and unexpectedly. If
the soil is ready - that is to say, if the disposition for work is there -
it takes root with extraordinary force and rapidity, shoots up through the
earth, puts forth branches, leaves, and finally blossoms. I cannot define
the creative process in any other way than by this simile. It would be
vain to try to put into words that immeasurable sense of bliss...i forget
everything and behave like a madman. Everything within me starts pulsing
and quivering; hardly have i begun the sketch ere one thought follows
another.." Tchaikovsky. (Reflecting on the cultivation of creative ideas)

... the studio...i think i will call it T h e E u d a i m o n i u m..."
Andrew, when i was at Princeton in the 1940's i could see what happened to
those great minds at the Institute for Advanced Study. They sat in lovely
houses by the woods with no classes to teach. Those poor bastards were
getting no ideas. I believe in a situation like that, a kind of guilt and
depression worms inside of you, and you begin to worry about not getting
any good ideas."

I invite all people reading, writing, co-creating here to give generously
of their own thoughted creativity to these two places. Yes, i shall be
asking... ;-)

I need some Founders -





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