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From: Ray Evans Harrell (
Date: 08/26/03

Replying to LO30495 --

The American Masters Arts Festival Biennial is launching a national
"sing-in" for Memorial Day 2004 for Reconciliation, Forgiveness and
National Unity. We hope that organizations will be stimulated to bring
music from each group to a gathering in every community across the nation
on that Sunday as a sharing experience of the songs of their hearts. At
that time a truce will be declared for the weekend and all groups,
political, religious, sexual, pro-choice/pro-life, etc will affirm their
national unity and remember the sacrifices that each group has made in
defense of the nation and its ideals.

By sharing our individual musics and finally singing together a specially
composed song by the Festival's honored Master Composer Ned Rorem in his
80th birthday year we will premiere to the world a message of Unity and
Reconciliation through music and sharing. Thereafter as we focus on a
different composer every two years we will repeat the ceremony with a new
song of national identity composed by the Festival honoree. Eventually
America will have as many affirming songs to sing as the rest of the
nations and cultures of the world and begin the escape from the
"mockingbird syndrome" that has effected American artists from the
beginning. The Mockingbird Syndrome is to sing everyone else's songs
beautifully their language but to have no song of your own in your own
language and thus no unique complex identity.

Ray Evans Harrell, artistic director
The American Masters Arts Festival Biennial

> I have been thinking about reconciliation and forgiveness as a tool for
> healing workplaces, overcoming resistances, and developing better
> management /line staff relationships. Has anyone done this and/or does
> anyone know of anyone who does this?
> ellery july


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