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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 08/26/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Ly Thay <operation@acledabank.com.kh> wrote:

>Dear Sir or Madam,
>I would like you to help me something, why do we
>want learning organisations?

and our host Rick replied

>[Host's Note: Way back in 1995 we assembled a
>collage of responses to exactly this question. See
> http://world.std.com/~lo/WhyLO.html
>... Rick]

Greetings dear Thay,

The URL which Rick gave have some lovely answers which i want to

But i am beginning to see something different since the beginning of the
year which became clearer as the turmoil all over the world increased. It
is a depressing picture for which i apologise.

Many thousands of people are offering their services to individuals and
organisations to turn back from the road to catastrophy which the world in
general is heading to. Many do it because they are honestly concerned
while the rest do it to make money quickly. Despite all these services,
the world is just accelerating forward as if the driver felt asleep,
oblivious to what lies ahead. Why can organisations from as small as
families to as large as nations not benefit enough from all these services

I think it is because all these services are "help from the outside". They
are not complemented with "help from the inside". When an organisation
wants to help itself from the inside, there is only thing to do. Become a
learning organisation! Think of it this way -- the treatment of the doctor
is useless when the patient ha an unhealthy life style.

With care and best wishes


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