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I just got back from SA. It was a very beautiful country to visit. I took
three weeks and drove around the country, spoke to whites, urban,, rural,
Xhosa, Zulus, Pondos, immigrants etc. Having been there, it got me
thinking more about reconciliation and forgiveness as a tool here in the

People here (USA) have a history of holding onto hurts/slights, while
others do not know how to seek forgiveness. If we could get people engaged
in a similar process we might be able to take on the tought issues of
proverty reduction and community building.

Thanks for the info.

ellery july
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>Dear Organlearners,

>Ellery July <> wrote:

>>I have been thinking about reconciliation and forgiveness as
>>a tool for healing workplaces, overcoming resistances, and developing
>>better management /line staff relationships. Has anyone done this
>>and/or does anyone know of anyone who does this?

>Greetings dear Ellery

>South Africa would have been by now, since its intended transformation
>in 1994 to an all-inclusive democracy, in total anarchy like in many
>other countries, were it not for the truth, reconcilliation and
>forgiveness process helping it to become sane and healthy again.

>For a broad overview on this process, although from a theological
>perspective, you may have a look at <
> > The final report of the TRC
>(Truth and Reconcilliation Commission) can be found at <
> > For a lot of links to
>specialised papers and articles on this process, you may look at <
> >

>South Africans accomplished this process in depth and width which is
>unprecedented in the history of humankind.

>With care and best wishes


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