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From: leo minnigh (
Date: 10/05/03

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Dear At,

The subject title is interesting. I think that the purpose of this
expression is to open windows or eyes of those who have a habit to focus
on details. But in fact, there are two of the 7 E's in it, if I am right:
wholeness and sureness (identity-categoricity).Thus also watching trees is
important. However, the warning of this expression is more valid than ever
if I think of our modern media (TV, newspaper, radio) where only details
and incidents seem to be important. Journalists seem to miss the forest.
And since most people build there knowledge or thoughts on what they have
sensed from the media, also these people don't see much forest, only trees
which are dead after a few weeks.

But keep in mind that some people see only the desert and don't see the
sandgrains. The eyes should meander.

At, I am very glad for you that your doctor recognised the hemochromatose.
The last 15 years this illness became better known among physicians.
Earlier only a few specialists were aware of this defect. And as you told,
the treatment is rather simple. With this surplus of iron, At, I can
understand better where all your everlasting energy comes from :-)

We have a very good friend (through her I met my wife!) who suffers from
the same desease. She had also luck to have a doctor who recognised it;
that was 15 or 20 years ago. The first signals with her started with pain
in the joints of her hands. First thoughts were understandibly, a kind of
rheuma. A sample of her blood obviously indicated something else. It took
her some two or three years of blood-letting to come to normal levels
again. Now, only once in the four month half a litre of blood is
sufficient to keep the red blood cells under control. It is very important
that your family members will be checked. The brother of our friend and
one of her daughters are also positive!

I wish you good health

Leo Minnigh


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