What is the ultimate purpose of ALL learning? LO30640

From: Morty Lefkoe (morty@decisionmaker.com)
Date: 10/04/03

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Hi At,

Maybe there is no "ultimate purpose" of all learning. Maybe learning is
done for its own sake, with no inherent purpose. Maybe human beings are
just "built" to make new distinctions, to make connections.

Another possibility is the purpose of learning for living things
(including human beings) is the survival of the thing, whose survival is
never guaranteed, whose survival is always in question. Perhaps learning
is for the purpose of survival.

Regards, Morty

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> The above paragraph moved my spirit, especially the sentence "what it the
> intention, the purpose, the goal or the aim of learning". In one day of a
> never ending journey i may learn ABCD for some time, following it up with
> EFGH, then IJKL, ...... For each of ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, .... i had a
> purpose. But what is the purpose of the whole journey?
> Is it to survive? Is it to get and keep a good job? Is it to become rich?
> Is it to become influential? Is it to gain in knowledge? Is it to grow in
> character? Is it the fun derived by learning? Is it learning for its own
> sake? Is it to glorify God better and better? Or is there not any ultimate
> purpose since the purposes for ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, .... are sufficient?
> I have found that far too few people, including teachers, have contemplated
> this ultimate purpose of all learning. The anwer to it is complicated because
> of the differences between the questions
> "what is the ulimate purpose of ALL learning?"
> "what is the ulimate purpose of MY learning?"
> "what is the ulimate purpose of OUR learning"
> At de Lange <amdelange@postino.up.ac.za>


"Morty Lefkoe" <morty@decisionmaker.com>

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