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Date: 10/03/03

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Dear Organlearners,

Gerald Burch < > wrote:

>My curiosity now is the frequently "missing link" between action
>and knowledge. There are so many examples where we have
>the requisite information (it is sunny) and knowledge (I should drink
>plenty of water), but we fail to take the appropriate action.

Greetings Gerald,

Perhaps the "missing link" is the following. Knowledge (having its own
dynamics) and action are linked directly, but "something" is needed to let
knowledge change into action. When this "something" is absent, the change
from knowledge to action will fail. I know of only "free energy" which
fits the description given to the something. Knowledge with too little
"free energy" cannot change into action, even when knowing that it should.

Here is an example. Think of knowledge as water filling a tank at some
level. Think of action as water flowing out of the tank. This will happen
if the outflow pipe is below the water level since the free energy of the
water will decrease. But if the outflow pipe is above the water level, the
water will not flow out.

If you think of the "mssing link" as something between knowledge and
action, then i am in the dark. But i will give such a case some thought
and let you know should i come up with an answer.
With care and best wishes


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