Building trust in Human systems LO30670

Date: 10/07/03


Chris Macrae shared with us a part of her book "Governing trustflow and
multiplying value of human systems". I agree with her that trust is a
central building block of any human system. The way we have organized our
world today,it does not put trust or human beings as a top priority,
rather we have put profit first, then power, then people, and planet last.

To build more humane and peaceful social systems, we need to put people
first, then planet( an ecological sustainable society with an
eco-economy), power to the people, or empower the people, and then profit.

If we put people first, then we can invest in trust, emotional
intelligence, creating learning organizations in all sectors of society, (
with 5 or 15 disciplines ), and expand to a network world of learning

I recommend the book " Building Trust" by social philosophers Fernando
Flores and Robert Solomon.

Manuel Manga


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