Organizational Culture Change in business and/or government LO30681 hospitals

From: Diane Caney (
Date: 10/09/03


In 1998, you had some discussions on this (see below). I'm wondering if
anyone else can offer suggestions as to companies or hospitals which have
successfully changed the culture of both their management and their staff,
in actuality, not just in theory.

Any suggestions as to books, journal articles etc would be most



>I could use some help with references. What companies come to mind when
>you think of successful, deliberate or not, culture change efforts. The
>operative word here is change. I am not as interested in organizations
>which started with a clean sheet, but more those organizations which had
>a long history of a particular style, and reinvented their culture,
>successfully. If you know something about the effort, please share what
>can about the success factors conncted with that effort. Thanks much for
>your thoughts.


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