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From: Dennis Rolleston (
Date: 10/10/03

Replying to LO30657 --

Greetings At and other contributors to this thread,

You have touched on something I continue to ponder and it is in the
context of animosity. It appears that we are born into a situation - the
Palestinian/Israeli situation; the South African racial situation; the
Pakeha (New Zealander of European descent)/Maori (indigenous New
Zealander) situation, and the situation envelops us so we continue to live
the behaviour of bygone era's long past their 'used by date' - the sins of
the father.

Why is it so hard to step out of habits/practices/beliefs so destructive
to "humanity"?

Do we really need to live for what our fathers, our forbears believed in?

Why can't we analyse how it is 'now' and live our lives accordingly
instead of listening to the voice of our mothers, fathers, forbears
perpetuating the madness of their experiences?

Who am I? In the absence of the voices of Mum, Dad, Race, Culture, who am
I? What is at my core? Am I able to articulate my mental models and where
did they come from?

How can I share a vision when I'm crazed with vengeance?

How can I share a vision when my 'Mental Model' tells me that that race,
those people that act/believe that way need to be exterminated?

How can I be part of collective (Team) learning when what I desire is what
"I" desire?

Is the answer in "Personal Mastery?"

Some time in my past there is a gentlemen of what I remember as West
Indian origins. he sang a song that included the words "There are more
questions than answers. Pictures in my mind that will not



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