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From: chris macrae (
Date: 10/28/03

As a mathematician, when I think of organisations, I think of shrivelled

That's because I can measurably see how organisations could be designed to
be multiplying 10-win human productivities and demands, whereas most are
blocking all of them through lost transparency- many have already lost all
their value through such knowledge-less connections.

You don't need to wade through deep mathematics to see how to multiply
the 10 most trustworthy and valuable productivities and demands of
organisations. Just look at these 2 pictures.

To support the design of productivity and demand relationship
infrastructures we can start plugging into the picture almost any human
system approach,

I would like to ask LO people to help me build an open catalogue linking
any approaches which multiply 2 or more of the productivities or demands
we've pictured above.

Further slides in the series above:
Why tangible only modelling is a disaster in service, knowledge or
globalising markets

Sample entries to open catalogue

chris macrae, transparency mapping communities


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