Update on AT LO30745

From: Chris Klopper (syntagm@icon.co.za)
Date: 10/31/03

Dear LO friends

I would like to thank all the list members who have asked me to convey
their best wishes to AT. I have done so and it has contributed greatly
to his convalescence, he deeply appreciates your interest in and
concern for his health.

At is now back at home and I spoke to him this morning. He is feeling
much better but will have to regain all his strength. I think it will
be sometime before he returns to his office and his PC. Alfred and I
will look into connecting him to the internet at home because I can
only guess that he misses his internet friends tremendously. Its a
strange thing the 'net': I get withdrawal symptoms if I am unconnected
for too long (e.g. 24 hours ;>).

kindest LO regards to all

Chris K


"Chris Klopper" <syntagm@icon.co.za>

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