Future of the Arts in a Mixed Capitalist Economy LO30764

From: Ray Evans Harrell (mcore@nyc.rr.com)
Date: 11/06/03

Replying to LO30760 --

Mozart and Beethoven came out of a time of great good times. Often
great art is only allowed out during the freaky times when the public
isn't looking but that has nothing to do with the artists and
everything to do with authority. Hence our recent stint at censorship
with CBS. Not much great art getting out under those situations.
They should just have followed Verdi's example and switched the locale
to Indonesia and changed the names to Rinaldo and Nanci like Un Ballo
in Maschera.

Ray Evans Harrell

>From: "Alan Cotterell" <acottere@bigpond.net.au>
> Don, I've long had the belief that the best music comes out of hard
> times. Doesn't bode well when there's no statement to be made.
> I suggest that music from the US, in particular, is instantly
> recognisable from it's message. It tells me of a risk taking,
> adventurous hard and uncaring country, with strong values and a lot of
> paradoxes. Do you think our world will be like this for long?


"Ray Evans Harrell" <mcore@nyc.rr.com>

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