Why are we living? LO30763

From: Fred Nickols (nickols@worldnet.att.net)
Date: 11/06/03

Responding to At de Lange in LO30754 --

Glad to have you back, At, and I'm looking forward to what I believe
will be a new stream of thoughts. As for your basic question, I, too,
have been pondering that question (although without having to pass
through any experience as harrowing as your bout with pneumonia).
I'll share with you what I believe.

I believe we are all here to accomplish something. Finding that
something and accomplishing it is the essence of living. For some,
that "something" might be as mundane as living a good life (by
whatever standards apply), raising a family, being a good citizen or
whatever. For others, it might be making some ground breaking
discovery in science or building an empire or doing a good job of
getting young people off to a good start in life. In my case, I think
my purpose is to pass some great test. I don't know its precise
nature but I have a sense that, at some point, I will be faced with a
great choice and the choice I make will define my life for all
eternity. I have no idea when or where I will encounter that choice
but I am confident that it will confront me and that I will recognize
it when I see it. I like to think I will make the right choice when
the time comes and I hope I do.

I once asked God what He wanted me to do. The answer, in a dream,
came as a charge to "Tell my son's story." The ambiguity of language
is such that I don't know if the word after "my" should be son's,
sons', sun's or suns'. If I ever find myself in His presence I will
bring up this lack of precision in his commandment to me.

Best wishes, At. I will pray for your complete and speedy recovery
and a long life full of many long e-mail messages.


Fred Nickols


Fred Nickols <nickols@worldnet.att.net>

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