Why are we living? LO30768

From: Mark Feenstra (mark@practicefield.org)
Date: 11/09/03

Replying to LO30754 --

AT wrote:

>But let us for now tackle the question "why are we living?" I will
>appreciate your inputs very much.

I reply:

After a weekend walk to reflect on this question...

My sense is that I need to answer your question for myself first as I
see the axis of the question being in the "we", and it seems good to
me to first address your question for myself, before I attempt to
respond as part of a larger "we".

When I ask "why am I living" I have the sense that my answer to this
question is my own. It belongs to me, to my particular life journey,
and the place I am at in it when I ask the question. There is no
question of whether my answer is true for others. Only how deeply true
it is for me.

In this sense it feels like a question to help me deepen my
understanding of where I stand in relation to the fundamental nested
(in consciousness) axioms by which I live my life. It opens me up to
question who it is that asks such a question, and what it is they are
seeking for in attending to the territory the question opens up.

In attending to this question I have the sense that I am on an
uncertain journey, that may have begun when I was born, and which may
end, or in any case will fundamentally change when I die. In this
context it feels to me that my answer to this question IS MY LIFE.

So perhaps OUR LIVES are the answer to your question to "why are we

Naku noa



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