Why are we living? LO30778

From: leo minnigh (minnigh@dds.nl)
Date: 11/12/03

Replying to LO30766 --

Dear Jan,

Thank you for your thoughts on open and closed problems and the role
of religion in this matter.

I have not much to add; I have the impression that we both are close
with our thoughts. I have a suggestion for your workshops, because I
think the open/close issue of problems is a part of some of them.

The suggestion is this: Give the participants a lengthy slip of paper.
Half of the group fit the two ends of the paper together with
cellotape so that the slip forms a closed circle. This group receives
a close problem from you and write that problem on the outside of the
paper strip. Their answer should be written on the inner side. The
other half of the group will make a Moebius band by twisting one of
the paper ends half a turn, fit both ends with tape and write an open
question on the paper. Their answer is automatically on the other side
of the paper ;-).

Leo Minnigh


"leo minnigh" <minnigh@dds.nl>

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