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From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 11/13/03

Replying to LO30778 --

Hello Leo, dear readers,

Thank you. Problems are either open(-ended) or closeable but we do not
know it before hand. What now seems open ended might be just our
blindness of seeing any solution. Problems that now seem closed, might
be reopened. One thing i now: it doesn't depend on the energy we put
into solving a problem, perhaps even the reverse. Time is a great
problem solver. It might even be worse: there might be no problems but
for our definition of the situation.

Living - when viewed in this light - might be the only problem we
have. We are living because that is what we ... live for. We want,
or need, or must or strive for sustaining our life. That seems
natural. The why question (there is an old Genesis song about it: #
why, why I, why ..?.. till i try #) seems a relative late addition
in the tools for surviving. And judging by the success of our
replication, a successful one! But we do not need to answer it now;
first we'll have to answer the questions: "what are we living for?"
and "how do we live?". The way to ethical living will surely emerge.

Kind regards,

Jan Lelie

One question remains: "is" this universe a Klein bottle? And what in
higher dimensions?

leo minnigh wrote:

>The suggestion is this: Give the participants a lengthy slip of paper. Half
>of the group fit the two ends of the paper together with cellotape so that
>the slip forms a closed circle. This group receives a close problem from you
>and write that problem on the outside of the paper strip. Their answer
>should be written on the inner side. The other half of the group will make a
>Moebius band by twisting one of the paper ends half a turn, fit both ends
>with tape and write an open question on the paper. Their answer is
>automatically on the other side of the paper ;-).

[Host's Note: A sign says, "For Sale - Klein Bottle - Inquire within"


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