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From: Virginia Dignum (
Date: 11/14/03


The AAAI-04 Workshop on
Agent Organizations: Theory and Practice

Held at the
National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-04)
July 25-29, 2004, San Jose, California

Submission Deadline: 12 March 2004

The call for papers for the AOTP workshop can be found in

Agent organizations are an emergent area of MAS that relies on the
notion of openness and heterogeneity of MAS and poses new demands on
traditional MAS models. These demands include the integration of
organizational and individual perspectives and the dynamic adaptation
of models to organizational and environmental changes. .
Organizational self-design will play a critical role in the
development of larger and more complex MAS. As systems grow to include
hundreds or thousands of agents, we must move from an agent-centric
view of coordination and control to an organization-centric one.
Practical applications of agents to organizational modeling are being
widely developed but formal theories are needed to describe
interaction and organizational structure. Furthermore, it is necessary
to get a closer look at the relation between organizational roles and
the agents that fulfil them.

The overall problem of analyzing the social, economic and
tech-no-lo-gical dimensions of agent organizations, and the
co-evolution of agent and human social and personal structures in the
organization, provide theoretically demanding, interdisciplinary
research questions at different levels of abstraction. Organizational
research is increasingly recognizing the advantage of agent-based and
other AI models for gaining insight in organizational issues and in
exploring dynamic processes and configurations. On the other hand,
organizational research has been active in the field of organizational
modeling for many years, and has developed insights and theories that
are very useful for MAS researchers.

Following successful recent workshops on social notions of
multi-agency and on the use of MAS approaches to the modeling and
simulation of organizations and societies, this workshop seeks to
bring together researchers on the area between organizational modeling
and MAS and to combine different perspectives on related issues.

We are seeking papers that clearly exemplify central notions in a
research field or try to synthesize unified views. Relevant topics
include, but are not limited to, the following:

-Modeling multi-agent organizations
-Social aspects of MAS
-Organization design, monitoring, and adaptation
-Communication and interaction in agent organizations
-Engineering organizational coordination
-Scaling and control issues in agent organizations
-Application of organizational theory to MAS
-Simulation, analysis and verification of dynamics of multi-agent
-Dynamic, adaptive and emergent organizational structures and dynamics
-Practical application examples for (aspects of) agent-organization systems
-Applications of agent organizations to knowledge management, CSCW,
workflow, etc.
-Implementation and tools for agent organizations
-Human-computer interaction in agent organizations


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