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From: AM de Lange (amdelange@postino.up.ac.za)
Date: 11/27/03

Replying to LO30781 --

Dear Organlearners,

Winfried Dressler < KiWiDressler@t-online.de > wrote:

>What is beyond the end? Beyond the why is another why.

Dear Winfried,

I am so happy that you have responded among all the work which you
presently have. Thank you. We will always appreciate short, intense
replies by you!

Your question and comment reminded me how much life takes
   spareness ("quantity-limit")
into account. It is one of the 7Es (seven essentialities of
creativity). For example, we were facing in this part of the world a
serious drought -- but rain the past few weeks brough relief to many

>We are living to learn. We are living to care. We are living
>to love. To love. To love... Endless.
>What is beyond the end? More love.
>If I only knew!

While i was laying in hospital with pneumonia, a young man (called
Charl) of our parish was laying in another ward, also with pneumonia.
But in his case he had cancer so that his body was weakend too much by
chemical therapy. He did not recover from that pneumonia as i did.

Charl said to me once that only after he got cancer, he learned how
many people love others unconditionally. People whose faces he knew,
but who were otherwise strangers to him, told him that they prayed for
him. This surprised him. It made me think -- why does health so often
make a person ignorant to life and especially love? Perhaps i am too
harsh in my questioning. Why does health so often make a person SILENT
to life and especially love? Do we really have to meet death face to
face before we can become outspoken on life and love?

The past two weeks cruel events like terrorist bombs and armed
robberies made me very much aware that we are not living so as to die
at the hands of fellow humans. Your reply came as a good reminder --
we are living to experience the love of others and to let them
experience our love. Life without love is the greatest tragedy

With care and best wishes


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