Why are we living? LO30781

From: Kirstin und Winfried Dressler (KiWiDressler@t-online.de)
Date: 11/13/03

Replying to LO30754 --

Dear At, dear all,

What is beyond the end?
Beyond the why is another why.
An attractor would repeat the answer: Turtles over turtles.
Not only turtles, there are other answers that can trap, also answers to
We are living to learn. We are living to care. We are living to love. To
love. To love... Endless.
What is beyond the end? More love.
If I only knew!
Liebe Gruesse,


KiWiDressler@t-online.de (Kirstin und Winfried Dressler)

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