Future of the Arts in a Mixed Capitalist Economy LO30821

From: Bill Harris (bill_harris@facilitatedsystems.com)
Date: 12/01/03

Replying to LO30794 --

"Ray Evans Harrell" <mcore@nyc.rr.com> writes:

> What is the purpose of the Arts?


I'm still looking at your 50 points and musing from time to time; it's
making me think.

In the meantime, I found Gideon Toeplitz' "From Challenge to Success:
What Must Change?" in the latest issue (#16) of the Symphony Orchestra
Institute's Harmony magazine, and I thought those of you following
this thread might also find that article thought-provoking. In fact,
you might find the whole issue of interest; you can access it online
at http://www.soi.org/harmony/archive/16/index.shtml.


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