Why are we living? LO30822

From: Jan Lelie (janlelie@wxs.nl)
Date: 12/01/03

Replying to LO30816 --

Dear At, Hello again Winfried, kind reader,

Perhaps living is just this, living, the maintenance of living, the
continuation of life. Intelligent or concious or human life is the
continuation of living with different means. Feelings, emotions are
part of those means. Because we come from a situation of un-awareness,
these feelings have become subject of all kinds of .... disturbed
ideas, unclear thoughts. We do not know ourselves. We seem confused
about our body-and-mind - to the point that we even assume that mind
("spirit", "gosth" can exist outside our body). I'm sure we can
experience "out of body experiences" but that doesn't imply that there
exists an entity without a body that "lives" on. Life has no other
purpose, no other goal or driving force then to continue and will do
everything to make sure it does. Even develop the notion of itself.

In order to sustain itself (myself) life, nature developed bodies.
Bodies are a kind of homeostatic - or better homeodynamic - entities
that procreated themselves. Bodies survived more adequate with an
apparatus that - after some billion years - developed a mental picture
of itself. An inner mirror that - a bit distorted and disoriented -
expresses itself in the only way it can: through feelings that are
projected inside the body or - perhaps better - the body maps.

Love - and now i've been searching my Dutch Spinoza version again and
i'm unsure about the right english words - is feeling happy (= moving
towards or going over to more or bigger completion) together with an
image ("voorstelling" , "Darstellung") of an external cause. Love of
living is a feeling of happyness because one imagines ones life. It is
very close to hate because that is the same feeling but moving away
from more completion. When one is insecure, these images, these
feelings and ideas remain unclear and people take a short cut and
fight the symptoms. We became addicted to shallow feeling and
thinking - as i discovered in another mail.

It is all in our mind - the feeling, the image - and it is all
confusing and unclear. We're suffering from life because we we haven't
learned to choose for ourselves or assume that we have no choice in
how and what to feel.

Why are we living seems to me a strange, unanswerable question.
Certainly when coming from a living creature.Why bother? The question
has two answers: no answer and "what was the question again?". The
question At seems to pose is - in my opinion - "how to lead an ethical
life". And - just like Rick, but in other words - the why question
pops-up. Why do we ask "why are we living?"

Why am i answering this question? Certainly to make something clear,
but what was the question again?



AM de Lange wrote:

>Winfried Dressler < KiWiDressler@t-online.de > wrote:
>>What is beyond the end? Beyond the why is another why.
>Dear Winfried,
>>We are living to learn. We are living to care. We are living
>>to love. To love. To love... Endless.
>>What is beyond the end? More love.
>>If I only knew!


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