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Date: 12/28/03

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What a magnificent collection of wisdom and clarity. Thank you, thank
you, thank you.

I will ponder these, perhaps forever.

- Hal

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So, next try ' "death of knowledge" -waltari -management -whitehead ';
this cuts it down to 158. Several pages quote Karl Popper on
"Critical Rationalism":

    I hold that orthodoxy is the death of knowledge, since the growth of
    knowledge depends entirely on the existence of disagreement.
    Admittedly, disagreement may lead to strife, and even to violence. And
    this, I think, is very bad indeed, for I abhor violence. Yet
    disagreement may also lead to discussion, to argument and to mutual
    criticism. And these, I think, are of paramount importance, I suggest
    that the greatest step towards a better and more peaceful world was
    taken when the war of swords was first supported, and later sometimes
    even replaced, by a war of words. This is why my topic is of some
    practical significance. - Karl Popper, The Myth of the Framework
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