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From: Stephen Wehrenberg (stephen.wehrenberg@verizon.net)
Date: 01/18/04


Courtesy of a link in Pegasus' "Systems Thinker" I discovered a free
drawing application for stock-flow diagrams and causal loop diagrams.
I have struggled with Visio (a trial just to keep up with version
changes!) for CLDs, and usually build a quick SF model in I-Think,
then use a screen region capture tool to extract the part of the model
I would like to include in a paper or other document. All in all a
pain. But an outfit called Simtegra (new, I gather from their web
site) has developed a FREE application that facilitates drawing both
SF and CLDs, with export to the standard range of graphics outputs
(jpg, gif, etc.) which I can then just read in to a document. Cool.
All it does is draw, but I understand they may be building a
simulation engine as well. I'm excited just by the drawing

www.simtegra.com, look for the free download.

[Host's Note: Thanks for this pointer, and my best regards!

I believe the abbreviations are:
  SF = Stock/Flow diagram, a system dynamics mainstay
  CLD = Causal Loop Diagram, a systems thinking mainstay

A good drawing application for these would be pretty helpful. ..Rick]



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