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Hi Don:

A "fact" is something that has existence, or some aspect of reality.
A "statement" is a claim about a fact. So the question is, can the
latter ever "correspond" with the former?


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>Mark writes in LO30855:
>> Dear Dwig:

>> Always a pleasure to hear from you. Lest there be any doubt of my
>> allegiances, Karl Popper's epistemology has always been at the root of
>> my thinking in Knowledge Management and OL. Thank you for quoting
>> him.

>And thank you (and your respondents) for the very interesting thread
>on knowledge/information. I have some thoughts I'll contribute when
>I have some time to organize them. For now, just a question:

>> Popper advised (and I agree) that we should avoid "like the plague"
>> disputes over what we mean by the term 'truth.' Instead, we should ask the
>> simple question of whether "there cannot be such a thing as the
>> correspondence between a statement and a fact." Like him, I believe there
>> can be.

>Hmm, I think I understand what a statement is. What's a fact? In
>particular, is it something other than a statement?

>In fact, best regards,


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